ShannPeace Counselling Therapy is dedicated to life long learning and continues to develop core material to help individuals and businesses harness the power of knowledge in the face of the complex challenges we face in these changing times.

Our events section is dedicated to providing you access to our ongoing ShannPeace Roundtable Sessions. These sessions are delivered in webinar format and offered both in person and on Zoom to support a growing need for key learning, a wonderful complement to help you thrive in your individual or corporate journey to good mental health.

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ShannPeace Roundtable Sessions:


Realizing the journey to drive resiliency in ambiguous times

Duration: 3 Hours

ABSTRACT: In ambiguous times, the ability to positively manage uncertainty may be an essential trait especially as it relates to the changing state of normal we’ve been experiencing through this global pandemic. When was the last time any of you actually took time to focus on yourself? We have all been exposed to drastic changes and know the toll it can take on our emotional well being. It’s also important to realize that we all have responsibilities outside of our workplace. There are times when we feel stretched in too many directions, exhausted, and overwhelmed. This session focuses on providing the initial toolkit to support a new understanding of ourselves, learn new coping strategies for personal use as well as key leadership strategies to establish order and set a course for growth and prosperity in ambiguous times.


Managing uncertainty to set a course for growth and prosperity

Duration: 4 Hours

ABSTRACT: Most people prefer to live in an environment where expectations about their roles and responsibilities are clearly stated. Generally, people feel more confident and comfortable when they know what is expected of them. But in these uncertain times, clarity and direction seem to be two luxuries that many individuals and businesses just don’t have. Thriving in ambiguous environments needs individuals that are very comfortable with discomfort.

Realizing the Journey to Drive Resilience in Ambiguous Times

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