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About Us

ShannPeace Counselling Therapy

Reaching out for professional counselling is certainly the first healing step in helping to solve an issue of concern in your life. ShannPeace understands the shared human experience of pain, challenges, anxiety and depression and healing can only begin by enabling a supportive therapeutic experience to help you gain a deeper understanding, develop new skills and tools, focused on adapting fresh and comprehensive solutions, perspectives and most of all re-ignite hope through the healing process.

ShannPeace Counselling Therapy specializes it’s services to the needs of individual, couple or family counselling, including children and adolescents. We have a strong performance track record of helping people with a wide range of challenges.


“ The true secret of Good Therapy is finding a Good Therapist; I am passionately committed and experienced in tailoring my client’s individual therapy plan to bolster their unique needs and situation”

Shannon Hansen Van Neste RPCC | EMDR


ShannPeace understands the emotional and mental health toll is often overwhelmed by other life priorities we face everyday. To facilitate your approach to self care, we offer the convenience of an online booking functionality to help you easily manage scheduling your appointments and access key support and information as part of your therapeutic journey to the life you deserve.

Whether in the warm and peaceful surroundings of the ShannPeace session environment* or leveraging the convenient Zoom or phone based telehealth functionality; our ultimate goal is to provide expert companionship to you and your family on this journey, focused on achieving the positive personal growth.

Please contact us today and begin your journey towards the quality of life you deserve.

Shannon Hansen Van Neste Bio:

Shannon Hansen Van Neste RPCC | EMDR – A Professional Overview :

Shannon brings more than 20 years’ experience in helping professions, focused on working alongside families, individuals, couples and children. Her professional involvement includes an experienced collaboration with a wide range of service providers, advocating for parents and siblings with special needs and effectively bridging the gaps between schools and families. Through a focused person-centered, collaborative, and non-judgmental approach, Shannon ensures that all individuals are seen and heard as part of the counselling process.

Shannon is a proven lifelong learner and continuously strives to further develop her counselling therapy skillset through leveraging of new, proven and enhanced therapeutic methodologies. Her strong progression in modalities such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy), Somatic and Attachment Focused therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy has enhanced her ability to deliver healing result oriented therapeutic fundamentals to her clients.

Her client centric philosophy ensures a safe and comfortable counselling experience with great attention to individual needs. Leveraging a trauma informed style of therapy, Shannon successfully promotes positive change, result oriented healing and self-awareness through an effective care plan and continued healthy, positive therapeutic relationship.

Realizing the Journey to Drive Resilience in Ambiguous Times

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